Responsibility to Employees

We respect the personality and character of all employees. To enable employees to fully take advantage of their uniqueness and ability, we offer easy-to-work and safe working environments.

Respecting human rights and the promotion of diversity

Our group does not allow any discrimination based on race, ethnic group, religion, colors of skin, nationality (birthplace), age, gender, physical conditions, hobbies, education, social statuses, families or any other characteristic protected by law and are strongly opposed to any act of discrimination by third parties.
Based on the awareness that diverse values are important to respond to ever-changing business conditions and environments, we make efforts to build up an organizational group constituted of diverse characters.


Programs to improve work-life balance

We provide programs that allow time off from work for parenting or nursing care, or shorter working hours with a choice of work times (flextime), so that employees with small children or family members in need of nursing care can achieve an appropriate work-life balance.


Percentage of female employees hired in the last three years

(As of December 1, 2018)

FY 2016

FY 2017

FY 2018

Percentage of female managers

FY 2016 

FY 2017 

FY 2018 

Promotion of elderly employees

In order to succeed the knowledge, skill, and wisdom cultivated over many years, we introduced a re-employment system of employees after mandatory retirement.

Promotion of the employment of impaired people

As special-purpose subsidiaries, we established STANLEY WELL Corp. and Matsuo Electric Co., Ltd., providing environments where impaired people can work with a sense of safety and security.

Building a sound working environment

Our group has built a sound-working environment where employees can work safely and securely.

Labor-management relations

Management and the union regularly hold consultations, addressing building an environment where employees confidently concentrate upon work, for example, health and safety patrol is conducted with the labor-management association, etc.

Safety and disaster prevention

Each plant conducts training courses on health & safety and an introduction on risk assessment as well as regular checkups by the Health and Safety Committee, addressing the challenge of preventing on-the-job accidents.
The emergency contact network of all employees is regularly updated, establishing an organization to quickly check safety in case of emergency.


Disaster prevention training

Rate of Work-Related Deaths Caused by Industrial Accidents

FY 2016 

FY 2017 

FY 2018 

Whistle-blowing System

Stanley has established an internal whistle-blowing system at an external legal firm in the form of the Corporate Ethics Improvement Proposal Desk. While protecting the whistle-blowers, this Desk investigates reasonable claims and opinions that are reported to it and takes appropriate action.

Initiatives for Health Management

Objectives of Health Management

With the shared concept of "outshining light," the Stanley Group has up to this point brought light to the entire world.
Even beyond our 100-year mark, we will continue to provide new forms of light in order to contribute to society.
Each and every one of our employees is a source of "light" for Stanley.

The Stanley Group will promote health management together with its employees so that they can have enthusiasm and motivation for their work, live healthy and prosperous lives, and combine their strengths to continually pursue the values of light and open the way to a magnificent future.

Promotion Structure

Our health management is promoted by the following structure.


Human resources development and welfare

Based on the human resources policy, "We put priority on human resources with a strong spirit of self-improvement and willingness to study," and in relation to the Stars Plan, a total meritocracy-based human resources system that is fair, convincing, and reasonable and development is being advanced to all Group companies. * the Stars Plan = the Stanley total ability rating system Plan

Human resource development plans

We create development plans for employees based on each individual's ability and aptitude. These plans are used by employees to develop their skills and careers.
These plans include each employee's future goals and current skills and experiences. The ultimate goal of these plans is to systematically and efficiently develop human resources through work experience, training, and personal development, in order to fill gaps toward achieving future goals.
Employees also rotate through organizations and duties according to their development plans to ensure the right person for the right job throughout the company, to promote individual autonomy, and to stimulate and strengthen organizations.

Ability development system

Targeting"ability development that leads to improved ability to accomplish duties," "ability development with priority on character" and the "provision of opportunities for employees with a strong spirit of self-improvement and willingness to study,"we have a complete education and training system.
In addition to class and function based education, we promote and support individual employee ability development such as support for self-development and promotion for acquiring public qualifications. Examples of Human Resources Development Programs New Employee Training


New employee training program

Education Costs per Employee

FY 2016 

FY 2017 

FY 2018 

New employee training program

Based on meritocracy, we evaluate employees by two systems, namely, the ability evaluation system to check the ability to accomplish duties and the performance evaluation system to assess the extent of contribution to business results and performance.
We not only feed back evaluation results to individual employees but also link them to qualification, salary, ability development, and other human relations systems, leading to higher motivation of employees, promotion of ability development and fair treatment.

Exchanges with educational institutions

We partner with domestic and foreign universities and graduate schools for joint research, deepening exchanges with educational institutions and addressing R&D on a wide variety of themes.
Also, to develop human resources who support the future of manufacturing, we dispatch our employees to multiple graduate schools as visiting professors of doctorial courses, host elementary, and junior high school visit to plants and accept university students' internship.

Charge leave system

For the purpose of reinvigorating physical and mental vitality and to promote re-designing of jobs and the development of creativity, we introduced a special incentive leave system to enable employees to take successive holidays of one week for every five years of service and one month for every ten years, which has been taken by all employees. In order to make the leave fruitful, we provide special benefits in addition to regular salaries.