UV-C technology
for a safer world

Using its proprietary optical technology cultivated from the development of automotive headlamps, Stanley entered the ultraviolet lamp market in 2010. We have so far made progress with deep ultraviolet (UV-C) by fully utilizing our strength of having both lamp and LED-based devices and units. Stanley Electric will continue to develop UV-C light sources and products that apply this technology to provide a safe and secure society using light for the people of the world in the “with Corona” and “after Corona” era as it is sometimes called in the coming years.

Applications with UV-C disinfection

Bacteria and viruses are lurking everywhere in our daily lives, in the air and on the surface of objects. The risk of infection increases as the number of so many people come into contact or touch these areas. Irradiating with UV-C can reduce this risk of infection.

How UV-C works in our daily lives

How UV-C works in our daily lives

Product lineup

AℓNUV products

AℓNUV is a brand of disinfection products that use ultraviolet technology from Stanley Electric. We provide ultraviolet devices that meet the needs of our customers through AℓNUV and are expanding on the application of this technology with the aim of achieving a world in which everyone can live each day safely.

UV-C device

We have a range of UV-C light sources including a 265 nm wavelength UV-C LED, which has the greatest disinfection effect, and long-life compact ultraviolet lamps. We also have a lineup of light sources installed on AℓNUV products.