Disclosure based on TCFD recommendations

The Stanley Group has identified the "Creation of new value in harmony with the environment" as one of its material issues in pursuing sustainable growth.

As of June 2023, our Group has adopted the TCFD recommendations. We are now providing information about the impact of climate change-related risks and opportunities on our business activities and profits.


Disclosure based on TCFD recommendations(PDF:502KB)

Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD):
The Financial Stability Board established TCFD at the request of the G20 to suggest ways of disclosing climate-related information and how financial institutions should respond accordingly. In June 2017, the TCFD released its final report, recommending companies and others to disclose their information on "governance," "strategy," "risk management," and "metrics and targets" in relation to risks and opportunities related to climate change.