Responsibility to Suppliers

In procuring goods and services necessary for business activities, we partner with suppliers on equal and fair relationships and are engaged in sincere transactions in compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and agreements.

We welcome both domestic and foreign partners with equal opportunities for transactions and select suppliers in accordance with fair and rational standards based on such items as quality, delivery, prices, safety, and the environment.
We also strive for mutual prosperity through transactions and under trust and cooperation, making efforts to maintain and strengthen long-term growth and competitive edge.

Request to Suppliers

The Stanley Group conducts its business activities in accordance with the Stanley Group Code of Conduct. Laws, regulations, treaties, and the like must be complied with throughout the supply chain. Therefore, we ask our suppliers to understand the importance of and comply with our Code of Conduct. In addition, we would like to request that our suppliers extend this Code of Conduct to all of their suppliers so that this initiative becomes part of the entire supply chain.

1.Comply With Laws and Social Norms -Comply with laws and other ordinances
-Maintain appropriate relations with political and administrative entities
-Respond appropriately to antisocial forces and organizations, etc.
2.Establish a Healthy Working Environment -Establish a safe, healthy working environment in which employees can work without stress
3.Conduct Business Activities That Contribute to Society -Make fair transactions
-Manage information appropriately
-Respect intellectual property, etc.
4.Be Thoughtful of People and Nature -Respect human rights (abolish forced labor and child labor)
-Consider the environment (green procurement)
5.Communicate and Coexist With Society -Maintain an appropriate relationship with the international community
-Coexist with and contribute to the community

Environmental initiatives working as one with suppliers

Toward the continuous reduction of environmental load substances, we established the"Green Procurement Guidelines."
Based on the guidelines, we request suppliers to acquire a certificate for environmental management systems and to manage/reduce environmental load substances. We conduct supplier environmental surveys every year and enter transactions with about 300 suppliers that are certified as"eco-partners."

Number of Eco Partner Certified Suppliers

FY2018 351

Accrediting of suppliers as eco-partners

The process of accrediting suppliers as eco-partners takes place as follows.

Steps for selecting environmental protection activity category