• Stance on Sustainability

Stance on Sustainability

About Basic Sustainability Policy

In April 2000, Stanley Electric Co., Ltd. formulated a basic philosophy for the Stanley Group, known as the "Stanley Group Vision."
This Vision established the basic set of values, the significance of existence in society as well as the everlasting mission for the Stanley Group worldwide, and based on the concept of creating a sustainable society whose importance is widely recognized today.

Ever since its foundation, Stanley Electric has had a management philosophy that serves as the foundation of the "Stanley's Four Values" paying special attention to customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders. After WW2, we put this philosophy into practice by positioning it as the corporate vision.
The Stanley Group Vision succeeds this commitment. In realizing the vision, it is essential to collaborate and cooperate with many stakeholders while sharing values, and by sharing the vision within the entire Group we fully exploit the total power of the Group, addressing the challenge of creating a sustainable society through our business activities.

Furthermore, to put the Guidelines for Action defined in the Stanley Group Vision into practice properly, we established the Stanley Group's Code of Conduct. We are making every effort to contribute to further development of society through our business activities by observing laws, regulations and social norms explicitly stated in this Code of Conduct, promoting a healthy workplace environment, conducting business activities that contribute to society, caring for people and nature and act under the premises of communication and co-existence with society

Sustainability Framework

Stanley's sustainability framework is as follows.


SDGs Related to Stanley Initiatives

ESG Issue Stanley Initiatives Relevant SDGs
Environment Environmentally-friendly
product development
To minimize our environmental impact and achieve the creation of new values in harmony with the environment, we work to protect the environment over the entire life cycle of our products, by preventing pollution, alleviating climate change, and using sustainable resources.

・Environmental performance
(initiatives to achieve a low-carbon, recycling-based society

・Design for the environment
(life cycle assessment, miniaturizing and reducing the weight of products, energy-saving/high-efficiency)

・Products designed for the environment
(contributing to water quality conservation and plant growth)

  • アイコン(安全な水とトイレを世界中に)
  • アイコン(安全な水とトイレを世界中に)
  • アイコン(安全な水とトイレを世界中に)
  • アイコン(エネルギーをみんなにそしてクリーンに)
  • アイコン(安全な水とトイレを世界中に)
  • アイコン(つくる責任・つかう責任)
  • アイコン(気候変動に具体的な対策を)
Green Procurement Through mutual cooperation with our suppliers, we have established Green Procurement Guidelines and the Stanley Product Chemical substance management Standard to minimize the impact on the global environment.

・Green Procurement Guidelines

・Stanley Product Chemical substance management Standard

  • アイコン(つくる責任・つかう責任)
  • アイコン(つくる責任・つかう責任)
Social Responsibility to our customers We strive to deliver products that are fully conscious of quality, safety, and environmental protection. We also strive to respond appropriately and in good faith to inquiries, requests, and complaints from our customers.

・Initiatives for increasing customer satisfaction

・Product safety

  • アイコン(産業と技術革新の基盤を作ろう)
Responsibility to our suppliers We open our doors widely both in Japan and overseas to offer equality of trading opportunities. We select our partners according to fair and reasonable criteria based on factors such as quality, price, delivery times, safety, and environment.
We also aim for mutual prosperity through our trading relationships with our suppliers, we strive to maintain and strengthen long-term growth and competitiveness based on trust and cooperation.

・Environmental initiatives taken together with suppliers

・Registration of suppliers as eco partners

  • アイコン(働きがいも経済成長も)
  • アイコン(パートナーシップで目標を達成しよう)
Responsibility to our employees We respect the character and individuality of all people throughout the world, and provide a safe, pleasant workplace in which our employees can fully demonstrate their individuality and abilities.

・Respect for human rights and promotion of diversity
(promotion of employment of women, senior citizens, and people with disabilities)

・Establishment of sound workplace environments
(labor-management relations, safety and disaster prevention, whistle-blowing system, employee health promotion)

・Human resources development
(HRD plans, skills development system, evaluation system, interaction with educational institutions, recharge leave system)

  • アイコン(ジェンダー平等を実現しよう)
  • アイコン(働きがいも経済成長も)
  • アイコン(質の高い教育をみんなに)
Responsibility to international and
local communities
As a member of a global company, we comply with the rules of the international community and have a code for making contributions to the growth and development of various countries while striving for harmony with their cultures and customs. We are engaged in active social responsibility initiatives under this code.

・Support for education through the Kitano Foundation of Lifelong Integrated Education

・Support for the development of sports culture through sponsorship of the Stanley Ladies Golf Tournament, support for children's education including through contributions for school construction in Kenya, and contributions to the Shizuoka Prefecture Federation of Forest Associations for saplings

・Approaches to conflict minerals

・Other social contribution initiatives
(cleanup activities in local communities, etc.)

  • アイコン()
  • アイコン()
  • アイコン()
  • アイコン()
  • アイコン()
  • アイコン(気候変動に具体的な対策を)
Approach to traffic safety We are contributing to the achievement of a safe and secure mobility society from the perspective of ensuring the drivers' field of vision, with the aim of zero fatal traffic accidents in nighttime.

・History of Stanley lights and social contribution

・Approaches to Human Engineering

・Providing LED lighting for roads and special-purpose outdoor uses

・ADB systems

  • アイコン()
  • アイコン()
Addressing hygiene risks
with UVC technologies
Using UVC light sources and applied products, we provide safety and security to people around the world by reducing hygiene risks through sterilization of various objects that pose risks in daily lives, including things we touch, the air we breathe, and the water we drink.

• Inactivation of various bacteria and viruses including SARS-CoV-2

• Reduction in the number of deaths of newborns and children under the age of five from diarrhea

• Universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water

• Reduction of plastic waste by lowering demand for drinks sold in plastic bottles

  • アイコン()
  • アイコン()
  • アイコン()
Governance Stanley Group's Code of Conduct We have formulated the Stanley Group's Code of Conduct and provide compliance education for Group employees at the beginning of each year to instill awareness of compliance, and each employee submits a declaration for the understanding of and compliance with the Code.
  • アイコン(働きがいも経済成長も)
  • アイコン()
Corporate Governance In the pursuit of transparency and fairness of management, we are forging ahead toward the establishment of corporate governance at a global level.
  • アイコン()