Responsibility to Shareholders and Investors

We believe that returning profits to shareholders and investors is a top priority item. We disclose accurate information in a fair and timely manner to acquire understanding and support from shareholders and investors.

Returning profits to shareholders

Our policy on profit sharing by Stanley Electric and its group companies is based on strengthening financial standing and business foundation as well as maintained provision of stable dividends and the proper return of profits.
In relation to internal reserves, we take advantage of it for investments to increase corporate value such as the development of new products and businesses in view of long and mid-term perspectives and better efficiency of management system, addressing further improvement of financial strength and competitive edge.
We plan to increase our consolidated dividend payout ratio to around 20%. Including acquisition of treasury stock, we are targeting a total return ratio above 35% on a consolidated basis.

Disclosure Policy

  • 1. Information disclosure policy

    In order to ensure accountability to our shareholders and the capital market, and in order to increase management transparency, we believe it is important to disclose information properly according to fair disclosure rules and stock exchange disclosure rules. We therefore focus our efforts on IR activities.
    We have also defined the "Stanley Group's Code of Conduct" as the code of conduct for all employees of Stanley Electric and the Stanley Group. It states that, "I shall disclose correct information on an equitable and timely basis, and endeavor to obtain the understanding and support from shareholders, investors and so forth." The Stanley Group is committed to putting this into practice every day.

  • 2. How we disclose information

    We first disclose information falling under stock exchange disclosure rules according to said rules on the TDnet service provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. We then post this information on our website as soon as possible. We also disclose information not falling under these disclosure rules through such means as providing press releases and posting IR information on our website, and strive to disclose information in a suitable and accurate manner.

  • 3. Setting silent periods and managing internal information

    We set a silent period for one month prior to announcing our financial results in which we stop all dialog with shareholders and investors, and have also established "Rules to Prevent Insider Trading", which we follow to manage insider information.

  • 4. Information concerning future events

    All information concerning future events such as forecasts, prospects, policies, and opinions included in the materials we disclose is determined at the time of disclosure. Because this information contains an element of uncertainty and a certain amount of risk, actual future results may be significantly different.