Responsibility to Customers

We rapidly and properly grasp customer needs,
continue to offer value-added products
and work hard to win trust from customers.

we offer products with due consideration to quality, safety and environmental protection and work hard to properly and sincerely respond to customer consultaion, requests and complains.

Initiatives toward Improvement of Customer Satisfaction
(Stanley's Manufacturing)

Targeting the ideal production system to "manufacture products required by each customer at the desired time in the necessary quantity," the Stanley Group puts its production innovation activity, "SNAP" into practice.
By thoroughly eliminating "mu-da" (waste) we realize shortened lead times, cost reduction, improved quality and satisfied delivery to win higher trust and satisfaction from customers.
In back-office divisions, we thoroughly pursue operational efficiency and also promote production technology improvement through in-house manufacturing of equipment and R&D of new materials.

(SNAP=Stanley New Approach for Higher Productivity)

Initiatives for quality improvement

Trend in Value of Streamlining Effects Generated by SNAP


FY 2016 ¥14.3 billion

FY 2017 ¥14.2 billion

FY 2018 ¥11.9 billion

Product Safety

We develop products with due consideration to safety and provide customers with such products. In cases when we receive any safety-related information, we immediately confirm the fact, and if it turns out that any safety issue is present, we report it to the departments and people concerned in house, and take prompt and sincere responses to identify the cause and prevent the expansion of accidents and re-occurrence.