Group Vision

Shining forth into the new century

The New Stanley Group Vision shows us the direction we should take for the future. It is our basic corporate philosophy that makes clear our reason for being as a company as well as our lasting mission in society. As long as we share this vision across the Group, we will develop renewed strength as a company because every person's efforts to reach his or her individual objectives will be aligned with the overall direction the company needs to pursue.

For us to reach the future described by this vision will not be easy and will require us to overcome various challenges along the way. However, each one of us has a number of unique experiences and strong capabilities, and I am confident that if we work together as a team towards our common goals, we will eventually reach them.


Outshining Light

We shall blaze our own trail to a brilliant future by daring to "outshine light."

The Stanley Spirit is the mindframe that all Stanley Group people must always have.

Light has infinite possibilities that can bring many benefits to humankind. You may think it impossible to challenge light and win at its own game of shining. Daring to "outshine light" is the attitude of one who knows no fear, but it is precisely this kind of resolve and spirit that we all need to have as we blaze our own trail to the future. It is a fundamental belief, where you give things a try before you say that they can't be done. Without this posture, we will not be able to survive the challenges these turbulent times call for.

The goal of outshining light shall be the spirit required of all Stanley people for us to win in this new century.

Stanley's Light:

We will define "light" to be in the wavelength from 1 nm to 1 mm. This will include X-rays, ultraviolet rays, visible light, infrared rays, millimeter waves and certain microwaves. * nm : nanometer. 1 nanometer is one billionth of a meter.


  • The boundless pursuit of the Value of Light

    We shall contribute broadly to society by exploring the infinite possibilities of light and bringing its value to humankind.

    Human beings cannot live without light. Throughout history we have used light in many ways in our lives, but so far we have only begun to tap the boundless potential of light. We shall contribute to society by discovering the infinite possibilities of light and using them in our technology and products to create value for humankind. We may think of this as the core purpose of the Stanley Group in society.

  • Business innovation by maximizing our potential as a manufacturer

    We shall continually reinvent our processes to draw out further value and quality from our business base in manufacturing.

    "Stanley is a manufacturer. We shall maximize our potential as a manufacturer by creating value not only at the manufacturing level, but also through all business processes. It is imperative that we continually improve our systems so that every function and every process adds significant value to our manufacturing. Our competitive advantage will come from the synergies generated from combining the value of light with the value of our manufacturing and business systems."

  • Ensuring the welfare of those who truly support our mission

    We shall value those who truly support Stanley and endeavor to ensure their welfare.

    Stanley has as its Company Slogan "Stanley's Four Values" : the customer, supplier, employee and shareholder. It is the founding principle defining the relationship of Stanley with its stakeholders, in which we take great pride to this day. We will now strongly reaffirm the spirit of the Four Values and extend their meaning.
    Stanley is supported by many people and companies, and unless we can get those who support us to work together in harmony with Stanley's Business Philosophy, we will neither be able to continue to operate as a business nor to fulfill our role in society.

    We shall now redefine Stanley's Four Values as follows:

    ● By customer we will mean not only our direct clients but also include the end users of our products.
    ● By supplier we will mean business partners who grow together with us.
    ● By employee we will mean our colleagues who share the same company objectives both today and tomorrow.
    ● By shareholder we will mean both present and future investors including shareholders.


We shall create new benefits to humankind by dedicating ourselves to the Five Ways of Creating Value with Light.

We will explore the various properties of light, which we will combine with Stanley's own overall strengths to create new value with light and thereby contribute to society.

Creating light

Creating light - in other words, the development of light sources - is at the core of Stanley's value creation. By mastering the intricacies of light and continuing to create new light sources for the future, we will create new value for society from this foundation.

See case study

Sensing and recognizing with light

The human being's ability to use his eyes to see is one of the fundamental examples of sensing and recognizing. Although this may seem like a simple example, there are still many aspects of the act of seeing that we still do not fully understand. We will continue to get to the bottom of the various mechanisms of light, including those bands that we cannot see, and produce more advanced ways of sensing and recognizing.

See case study

Processing information with light

Value is added to information when it is communicated to others, stored, or processed in some way. Light can play various important roles at all stages from the input of information until its use. We will control and process light in countless ways in order to create new value with light in the information economy.

See case study

Harnessing light's energy

Light also has a huge and largely untapped potential as an energy source that is clean and environmentally friendly. Already a number of business segments have developed in areas such as solar power generation, solar-powered lasers, and photovoltaic cells. We will also create value in this field of solar energy.

See case study

Producing feeling with light

Besides its physical functions, light can also affect us psychologically and emotionally. For example, we can create a relaxed and soothing mood by lighting a room in a certain way. Stanley will also endeavor to apply the psychological effects of light to produce feelings by lighting spaces, areas and objects.

See case study
The Five Ways of Creating Value with Light

The Five Ways of Creating Value with Light

▼First of all, by mastering the properties of light, we will create new light sources (CREATING).

▼In order to create further value using light sources as a base through the other four ways of creating value (RECOGNIZING, INFORMING, ENERGIZING, and EXPRESSING), Stanley's total know-how plays an important role.

▼Stanley's know-how is the medium through which we discover the potential of light and create new values for society. Included in our total know-how are, for example, our knowledge of products and their markets, our technology and manufacturing know-how, which may connect, strengthen, complement or combine to create new values.

▼Stanley's total know-how will focus on the Five Ways of Creating Value, and by organically interacting with them will increase the amount of total value Stanley can provide in each domain. As the size of each of Stanley's value domains increases, so does the value of Stanley to the world and the market.



    Always challenge yourself with the highest standards and set out to reach them.

    Everyone in Stanley must continually challenge his or herself to the utmost - this is the essence of the spirit of "outshining light." We must all set the highest standards for ourselves, using these as goals for us to reach and thereby develop our full potential. We must all be committed to this challenge without fearing failure - and Stanley as a company will instill a culture that will support the pursuit of these goals while accepting that failure is also a part of success.


    Combine boundless creativity and user understanding to create new value.

    Neither the individual nor the company will develop if we merely do the same thing we have done in the past. Our commitment to continually create new value and products is our engine for growth. We must think freely with creativity and passion, but without being boxed in by preconceived notions or past successes. Then, using our understanding and judgment of user needs, we will transform our ideas into true new values for society.


    Share and leverage our diverse total know-how to enhance our overall value.

    In order to capitalize fully on our individual challenges and thinking, we must also be able to exchange ideas and opinions freely, combining them with those of others to produce more value. Not only does sharing knowledge and ideas provide us with the joy of creating as a team, but it also results in more complete and refined new values for our users.


    Be considerate of society and our environment to develop your humanity.

    Human being do not exist by themselves. Instead, they live together with others in our biosphere called earth. With this in mind, we must always remember to be considerate of and helpful to both other people and the environment we live in. By doing so we will not only be human, but also humane.


    Respect and understand global diversity.

    Stanley is a business group developing its enterprise in the global arena. We cannot call ourselves a global company without truly understanding the diverse cultures and social norms of the countries and regions we operate in. We must first of all respect this global diversity and then strive to attain a deep understanding of it that will allow us to create new values that are appropriate for all of our customers and users worldwide.