our competitive edge
-Providing value through products
that society needs-

Thank you for your understanding and support of the business activities of the Stanley Group.

With the support of our many stakeholders, the Stanley Group celebrated its 100-year anniversary in December 2020 and embarked on a new journey.
It was then that I began to rethink what it means for the Stanley Group to be competitive.

When you think about competitiveness, you may naturally think about competing with or pitting yourself against others. But competitiveness to the Stanley Group means something different. It means making a difference to as many people as possible, both through our products and opportunities to work together with us.
It means providing value to society.
This is what being competitive means to the Stanley Group.

In recent years, it has also become necessary for businesses to address significant and unparalleled challenges, including drastic changes in the automobile industry typified by CASE, and the various risks posed by climate change, such as carbon neutrality.

In response to such demands, the Stanley Group will continue to contribute to society by creating value through our products and providing it to people around the world by pursuing the unlimited value of light and manufacturing.
To this end, we aim to reinvent ourselves and enhance our competitive edge.

We look forward to your continued support of the Stanley Group as we embark on this new journey.

Yasuaki Kaizumi


Yasuaki Kaizumi