"Outshining Light" is the spirit of the Stanley Group.

Thank you very much for your usual understanding and support of the business activities of the Stanley Group. With the spirit of "Outshining Light", we are determined to blaze our own trail towards a wonderful future. Light has the presence of bringing many blessings to people's lives and there are unlimited possibilities. It may be impossible to dare to outshine light and win. Though the phrase itself may sound fearless, we believe that, if we have no mettle to challenge high targets that appear to be impossible to achieve, do not react with increasing speed to change, it will be impossible to continue to assume and satisfy our corporate social responsibility. Thoroughly committed to the pursuit of the value of light and "manufacturing", we hope to contribute to society by creating better products needed by people in whatever conditions we are placed. To achieve this goal the entire Group continues to make challenges again and again. Please look forward to the business activities of the Stanley Group with the spirit of "Outshining Light". We would like to ask for your cooperation and support in the future.

President and Representative Director Takanori Kitano