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Stanley Electric seeks to exploit the unlimited possibilities of “light,” offering unique products. They are applied to a wide range of fields including automotive lighting equipment and electronic components.

Product Lineup

Automotive equipment

Automotive lighting

Four-wheeled motor vehicle

As a pioneer of automotive bulbs, the company has continued to contribute to society by developing and offering a wide range of new equipment.

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Mortorcycle lighting

Two-wheeled motor vehicle

For more light and comfort, Stanley Electric creates comprehensive products for two wheel vehicles to secure more safety.

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Accessory & Parts

Accessory & Parts

Built up through employment as genuine for car manufacturers, technologies of Stanley are also applied to automobile parts and components for consumers.

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Electronic equipment


Electronic Components

Electronic devices created on the basis of the cutting-edge, sophisticated technologies of Stanley have always contributed to social and industrial development.

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General lighting equipment

LED Lighting Products

Stanley's lighting used in automotive lamps with our optical technology and in LED devices with our devel opment power, is lighting that is in place in the necessary places..

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Electronic devices

Applied Electronic Products

Stanley's electronic devices are applied to numerous industries and fields, contributing to the daily lives of consumers.

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Information on Product

Exhibitions & Events

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