Stanley, while focusing on the sale of automotive equipment, electronic components and applied electronic products, offers services related to each business.


AUTOMOBILE Automotive equipment

With automated driving progressing significantly, Stanley's automotive lamps have evolved into lamp systems that are easier to recognize, contributing to safety and security. Light sources have evolved from light bulbs to LEDs, and then to lasers, realizing new designs and power savings.

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Electronic Components(LED,LCD)

Our electronic devices, manufactured with the quality to withstand the severe environmental conditions of automotive applications, are used in various social scenes. LED, our key technology, is expanding to ultraviolet and infrared ranges in addition to visible light, and will contribute to a safe and secure society.

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Key products
LED(visible lightinfrared and ultraviolet)、optical sensors
liquid crystal display (LCD) devicesultraviolet cold cathode lamps (UV-CCL) etc.


Applied Electronic Products

Combining optical design, light distribution technology, durability and reliability cultivated in the automotive business, and light source technology in the component segment, as well as manufacturing knowhow, Stanley provides applied electronic products that meet a wide range of needs, such as on-board equipment, sensors, operating panels, backlighting units, flash units, and various LED lighting.


UV-LED UV-C products

Using its proprietary optical technology cultivated from the development of automotive headlamps, Stanley entered the ultraviolet lamp market in 2010. We have so far made progress with deep ultraviolet (UV-C) by fully utilizing our strength of having both lamp and LED-based devices and units. Stanley Electric will continue to develop UV-C light sources and products that apply this technology to provide a safe and secure society using light for the people of the world in the “with Corona” and “after Corona” era as it is sometimes called in the coming years.

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Key products
AℓNUV products,UV-C light source