AℓNUV products



Air and surface

Compact disinfection chambers for such as masks and goggles used in medical treatment facilities,
disinfection modules that can change the console box in vehicles into a disinfection chamber,
and UV-LED bar light sources and such that can be used to suit the purpose for disinfecting the inside of lockers, etc.

In-vehicle UV-C LED module

A retrofitted module that allows the glove box or console box in a car to be used as a disinfection box

Disinfecting water

Reactors to disinfect running water depending on the flow rate,
waterproof units to disinfect water in the tank of a humidifier, etc.

Running water UV-C LED reactor

A running water reactor that uses 265 nm UV-C LEDs manufactured by Stanley Electric

Storage water UV-C LED unit

An easy-to-install waterproof unit specialized in disinfecting storage water.

Running water UV-CCL reactor

A running water reactor that uses 254 nm UV-CCL (cold cathode UV lamps) manufactured by Stanley Electric.

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