How UV-C works in our daily lives


UV-C technology for infection risks
in many situations.

We are always faced with the risk of bacterial and viral infection in places where many people are on the move such as on public transport, in offices and restaurants, and even in our homes. Stanley Electric provides UV-C products with a high disinfection effect all over the world with the goal of achieving a world in which everyone can live each day safely and securely.

Bacteria and viruses lurking everywhere around you

Types Typical examples
Viruses Coronavirus, influenza virus
, norovirus
Bacteria E.coli / Legionella / Salmonella
Fungus Black mold / White mold / Trichophyton
Protozoa Cryptosporidium / Giardia


There are various spots where risk of infection is present in places where many people visit such as office buildings, supermarkets and hospitals. There are risks due to bacteria and viruses on objects many people touch such as merchandise on supermarket shelves, elevator buttons, escalator belts, tables and chairs, and of course droplet infection during conversation.

Buildings (offices and retail facilities)

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Stores (supermarkets and restaurants)

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At home

Bacteria and viruses also lurk in our homes where we relax and unwind. The risk of infection increases when ventilation is poor inside rooms with limited space. Using measures to eliminate bacteria in spaces and on objects shared by the family such as the bathroom, toilet, door knobs and TV remote controls provides us with peace of mind in our daily life.

Living room and kitchen

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Baths and toilets

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Especially on buses and trains that easily fill with people during the morning and evening work commute period. There are numerous risks of infection, not just from droplet infection but also from touching hand rails, windows and ticket machines. Many places exists that we touch with our hands such as handles and door knobs on private cars, car-sharing vehicles and taxis such that it is necessary to take measures against bacteria and viruses.

Buses and trains

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