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Two-wheeled motor vehicle

Motorcycle lighting

Turn lamps Tail lamps


Headlamps of motorcycles require technologies to make full use of light distribution performance while adjusting to behavior and changes of the motorcycle such as at the time of banking. Lamps are also considered an important part of vehicle design. Stanley continues to contribute to the development to help safety, design and energy saving.


Tail lamps

Within their limited sizes, we seek to optimize the safety and design of tail lamps. In recent years, the employment of LEDs has made sizes thinner and lighting responses quicker, contributing to superiority in layout, safety and low power consumption of vehicles. Stanley is committed to pursuing ideal lamps toward further enhancement.

Turn lamps

Turn lamps assume an important role in assuring safety for two wheel vehicles with high mobility. These lamps must be highly visible while being compact in size and sophisticated in design. Through implementation with LEDs, Stanley seeks to improve the safety, size and design.