Making the Invisible Visible: We “make it visible”

We create social value
in pursuing the five values of light.

Stanley Electric continues to master light’s properties and apply the comprehensive strengths of the Stanley group to create “five values of light” and contribute to society.
We pursue the five values of “CREATING,” “RECOGNIZING,” “INFORMING,” “ENERGIZING,” and “EXPRESSING.

CES 2019 Concept

Making the Invisible Visible: We “make it visible”

We can help reduce accidents by “making it visible” for not only drivers, but everyone participating in traffic.
We help to provide a safe and secure traffic environment by making it easier for drivers to see pedestrians, making it easier for pedestrians to notice vehicles, and making it possible to stay aware of hidden structures and road conditions based on the surroundings.

[Products on Display]

  • Smart street lights

    Street lights are being transformed from devices that merely provide light, to intelligent devices that use light to sense and communicate. They can sense road conditions, objects that have fallen on roads, and other information around the street light in order to notify drivers and pedestrians.

    In-vehicle TOF sensors for perimeter monitoring

    These sensors are helping to make automated driving possible in urban areas at the “low speed, close proximity, and high accuracy” range. They detect uneven surfaces, fallen objects, and other objects in blind spots around the vehicle, and then urge the driver to use caution.

  • Road surface lamps for cameras

    Due to the lack of lateral illumination, vehicle perimeter cameras are sometimes unable to view things at night. These lamps provide close range illumination around the entire vehicle, to make automatic parking possible even at night.

  • Next generation LCD-ADB module

    We integrated our internally developed liquid crystals into a projector type lamp, allowing us to offer our ADB system at a reasonable price. Through arranging the liquid crystals in a pattern that makes pedestrians most visible to drivers, we can help to reduce oversights.

  • Smart rearview mirrors

    With the introduction of digital rearview mirrors, drivers will need to switch between the LCD and mirror display functions. Current products must be manually switched and suffer from too many background reflections. In order to solve these issues, we are developing mirrors that offer both high reflectivity and light transmission, and that also offer automatic switching.

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