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What Stanley can do CSR Initiatives

Basic CSR Policies

About Stanley Electric’s Basic CSR Policies

In April 2000, Stanley Electric Co., Ltd., formulated a basic philosophy for Stanley Electric and the Stanley Group, known as the “Stanley Group Vision.”
The “Stanley Group Vision” was established for the basic values of the Stanley Group worldwide, the significance of existence in society and the everlasting mission in the entire Group, based on the same viewpoint as that of the concept of creating a sustainable society whose importance is widely recognized today.

Ever since its foundation, Stanley Electric has had a management philosophy that serves as the foundation of the “Stanley's Four Values” paying special attention to customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders, and after WW2, we put it into practice by positioning it as the corporate vision.
The Stanley Group Vision succeeds this commitment. In realizing the vision, it is essential to collaborate and cooperate with many stakeholders while sharing values, and by sharing the vision with the entire group we fully exploit the total power of the group, addressing the challenge of creating a sustainable society through business activities.

Furthermore, as the instruction to put the Guidelines for Action defined in the Stanley Group Vision into practice properly, we established the Stanley Group’s Code of Conduct. We do our best to contribute to further development of society through our business activities by observing laws, regulations and social norms explicitly stated in this Code of Action, performing improvement of healthy workplace environments, conducting business activities that contribute to society, caring for people and nature and taking actions with the awareness of communications and co-existence with society.

CSR Organization

The illustration below shows our CSR organization.

CSR organization