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What we can do for the earth Environmental Activities

Eco-friendly product development

By creating new values of light, we contribute to the future of mankind and the environment.

To minimize the impact of our products and services on the environment and achieve harmony between the environment and the creation of abundant value, we are taking measures to save energy, use resources efficiently, and prevent pollution throughout the product life cycle, reducing our environmental footprint globally.

Design for Environment

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Promoting design for the environment through the use of a checklist

In order to promote the manufacture of products designed for the environment we use our Design for Environment Guidelines and apply them to the full range of our product design. We perform evaluations through the use of checklists in order to reduce our impact on the environment to the extent possible.
We revised our approach to evaluating these in FY 2017 and now use a six-item checklist that includes: ①energy conservation, ②environmental conservation, ③reducing, ④reuse and recycling, ⑤packaging, and ⑥provision of information. Our designers personally quantify and evaluate these in an effort to improve our environmental friendliness.
What is more, our checklists allow us to determine the CO2 emissions given off in every step from the selection of the raw materials to the manufacturing of the product and its delivery to customers.

Changes in the proportion of products designed for the environment

The percentage of our sales accounted for by products designed for the environment over the past five years is shown in the above graph.
Our share of sales of environmentally friendly products has been rising year by year as a result of the increase in sales of headlamps that use LEDs, and now account for more than 65% of our products.

Products designed for the environment

Reductions in product size and weight
We are developing LEDs using materials that achieve smaller size and lighter weight without sacrificing lifetime and luminous efficiency. These smaller, lighter products help reduce the environmental burden in manufacturing, transportation, and disposal, producing fewer CO2 emissions and making less use of raw materials.
  • High-Power LED
    High-Power LED
  • LED device sideview type
    LED device "sideview type"
  • LED device 1005 type
    LED device "1005 type"

Power saving and improved efficiency

For automotive lamps, besides using LED light sources, we are taking advantage of our advanced light distribution technology to use light less wastefully, developing products that are highly efficient and save energy. Energy-efficient products result in lower CO2 emissions and help prevent global warming.

  • Full LED headlamps
    Full LED headlamps
  • Rear combination lamps
    Rear combination lamps

For LED floodlights, our unique light distribution technology is used to produce highly efficient super-narrow beams that save energy.

LED floodlight
LED floodlight

We will continue our efforts to provide environmentally friendly products that are smaller, lighter, and more energy-efficient.