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What we can do for the earth Environmental Activities

Environmental statement, philosophy, and policies

We, STANLEY, strive to become an earth friendly corporation by practicing the ‘non-use, non-emission and non-disposing’of environmentally harmful substances.

Environmental and social activities

Our full-scale environmental activities date back to January 1998 when we initiated "Environmental protection activity preparation committee", for studying the ISO 14000 series standards and confirming our current situation. In April of the same year, we started our "Environmental protection activity committee" to work on our environmental activities proactively.
Our approach to environmental activities are based on our “Basic Environmental Philosophy” and “Environmental Policies” where each individual recognizes their roles and responsibilities for environmental conservation in a proactive manner.

Basic Environmental Philosophy
Environmental Policies

We revised our Basic Environmental Philosophy and Environmental Policies in May 2013 to reflect the changing situation both inside and outside the company.

Basic Environmental Philosophy
Stanley Group, will strive to "create new values in harmony with the environment" through all our corporate activities by reducing the environmental impact to a bare minimum, so that we can pass on the immeasurably rich blessings of our earth and its ecosystem to the next generation in a healthy state.
Environmental Policies

In all our corporate activities, Stanley Group will follow our Basic Environmental Philosophy, with each member of our company aware of his or her roles and responsibilities regarding environmental conservation.

Throughout the lifecycle of our business operations, products and services,we promote activities such as the conservation of natural resources and energy, pollution prevention thereby reducing the environmental impact globally.
In addition to essentially observing the environmental laws and regulations of each country and region as well as other environmental agreements we conclude with other parties, when necessary, we apply voluntary environmental standards of our own on the basis of those regulations and agreements.
To implement our Environmental Policies, we specify environmental objectives,set up environmental targets, and regularly or extraordinarily reexamine the objectives and targets in view of current progress, thus ensuring continuous and proactive improvement.
We communicate our Basic Environmental Philosophy and Environmental Policies to all the persons working for Stanley Group, and we also gain the understanding and cooperation of our suppliers through informational efforts.
We make our Basic Environmental Philosophy and Environmental Policies accessible to the general public, and we report the progress of our environmental activities in order to increase communication with the local community, when requested.
We actively participate in the environmental conservation activites of the local communities in collaboration with governmental agencies or other local or affiliated organizations.