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Stanley Manufacturing

With its target to become the number-one manufacturing company in the world through offering products with high quality and reliability, the Stanley Group put its production innovation activity, “SNAP,” into practice.
※ SNAP = Stanley New Approach for Higher Productivity

Thorough elimination of mu-da (waste)

Wherever there is a process, there is a flow. When there is a division of labor or a sharing of load, a "da-mu" (dam) will appear to stop the water and interrupt the flow. And the condition where the flow is halted is "mu-da." Muda becomes mu-da in its true sense when it is removed, and at Stanley, all employees learn how to distinguish mu-da from load and make conscious efforts to thoroughly eliminate mu-da. Shortening lead times means better quality. It is also an essential approach of our company to “only use the necessary amount of what is needed when it is needed.”

Production plant

Applying SNAP to the back-office

Manufacture is not limited to the production floor. In order to make all the business process in manufacturing more efficient, SNAP is put into practice in every department, not just on the factory floor.

In administrative and indirect departments, we attempt to simplify work processes as far as manageable, keeping in mind, for example, how we could make data collection and the preparation of documents more efficient.

the back-office

There is no end to SNAP

If we thoroughly implement SNAP, it will naturally lead to innovations in business processes and management in general. By integrating such a mechanism with added value unique to Stanley, we will establish a corporate culture competitive in global competition. There is no end in our attempt to “reach the summit of manufacturing.”

In order to put SNAP into practice, each production base of Stanley is designed in consideration of efficient layout from the arrival of material to product shipment.

  • Hatano Factory
    Hatano Factory
  • Hamamatsu Factory
    Hamamatsu Factory
  • Hiroshima Plant
    Hiroshima Plant

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