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Privacy Policy

March 23, 2005
Stanley Electric Co., Ltd. highly regards the privacy of our customers and all other persons doing business with our company as one of our top management priorities and therefore publishes this privacy policy for your information.

1. Personal Information

The term “personal information” means information from which an individual may be identifiable, such as an individual’s name, address, telephone number, or e-mail address.

2. Collection of Personal Information

We collect personal information that you have provided to us and that is necessary or relevant to our business.
If you choose to provide us with personal information of any third party, including your family members, you will obtain or will be deemed to have obtained the agreement of such third party for disclosure of the third party’s personal information.
A minor must obtain the consent of his parent or guardian prior to providing us with any personal information.

3. Information Security

Pursuant to applicable laws protecting personal information, we will endeavor to protect personal information provided to us from accidental loss, tampering, leakage or misuse.

4. Use of Personal Information

In connection with our business operations and the business operations of our related companies (a listing of which may be found in our consolidated financial statements), we use your personal information for the following purposes:

  • (a) to distribute our business and product information relating to automotive and electronic equipment, including new products and services;
  • (b) to manage contractual relationships;
  • (c) to provide maintenance services;
  • (d) to survey your business requirements;
  • (e) to help improve the quality of our products and services;
  • (f) to aid in our employment activities and manage our employment relationships; and
  • (g) to aid in business activities related or incidental to those purposes listed in (a) through (f) above.

5. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

We will not provide your personal information to third parties, except in the following cases:

  • (a) Where you provide us with your consent to disclose personal information to a third party;
  • (b) Where we provide personal information to a third party database or statistical services company for purpose of compiling statistical databases and other databases from which a specific individual may not be identified;
  • (c) Where we provide personal information to our contractors that may be necessary for the conduct of their business; in which case we shall endeavor to execute an agreement with such contractors to ensure the protection of personal information and to supervise their use of personal information;
  • (d) Where we provide personal information by way of documentary or electronic data to our related companies (a listing of which may be found in our consolidated financial statements) for purposes described in clauses (a) through (f) of Paragraph 4 of this privacy policy; or
  • (e) Where disclosure of personal information to third parties is permissible or necessary under the law.

6. Disclosure, Modification and Termination

If and when you wish to request us to disclose, modify, or terminate our use of your personal information, please contact our office. (Please click here, for contact information.) Upon confirming your identity, we will endeavor to take appropriate actions within a reasonable period of time in order to comply with your request.

7. Access Log and Cookies

When you access our website, information regarding the computer facilities used to access our website will be recorded in a computer database (the “Access Log”). The Access Log will record the name of the internet service provider, the name and version of the Web browser, and the operating system of the computer used to access our website. In addition, the Access Log will record the specific web pages that you accessed within our website and the time and date of your access. We will use such data to improve our website services and business practices.
Our website may use cookies. Cookies are computer identifiers employed to improve your navigation and use of our website. You may select not to receive cookies by changing the preferences of your Web browser. However, when you choose to not receive cookies, your use of the functions of our website may be limited.

8. Website Security

In order to prevent unauthorized access to our website by third parties, we will endeavor to secure our website by employing cryptography techniques such as Secure Sockets Layer and other website data security measures.

9. Linking

This website may be linked to websites of other entities not related to our company. We do not share your personal information with such other websites. As we do not take any responsibility for the conduct of such entities, you are recommended to study their respective privacy policies prior to accessing their websites.

10. Update

We will endeavor to continuously improve our privacy policy and practices in order to ensure the protection of your personal information. If and when we change our privacy policy, we will provide an updated privacy policy on this webpage.

11. Governing Law

If you choose to access our website, you agree that your visit to our website and any dispute arising from our privacy policy or the use of our website will be governed by the law of Japan.