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Responsibilities for Shareholders and Investors

We believe that returning profits to shareholders and investors is a top priority item. We disclose accurate information in a fair and timely manner to acquire understanding and support from shareholders and investors.

Returning profits to shareholders

Our policy on profit sharing by Stanley Electric and its group companies is based on strengthening financial standing and business foundation as well as maintained provision of stable dividends and the proper return of profits.
In relation to internal reserves, we take advantage of it for investments to increase corporate value such as the development of new products and businesses in view of long and mid-term perspectives and better efficiency of management system, addressing further improvement of financial strength and competitive edge.
Our policy on dividends is to increase the payout ratio to a target of about 20%.


As a public company, we maintain awareness that we are a company that has a certain level of social influence thoroughly implement corporate governance and work hard to positively disclose corporate information to secure transparent corporate management in consideration of fair benefits of shareholders and other stakeholders.

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